A History of Helping Children Succeed

Our prayer is that together, by the grace of God, the youth will accept Jesus Christ into their hearts to live for him.

A pastor appointed by the Kansas Conference of the Free Methodist Church founded Life Line in 1907. Abandoned infants and homeless children had a home that held its doors open for more than seventy years. The Home transformed many lives as an orphanage, adoption agency, children’s home, and temporary residence for teens placed by the juvenile court.

In 1981, deterioration and the high cost of renovation led to the Home’s closure. No longer used as a residential facility, the property in Kansas City was sold. The Board of Directors decided that the original mission of the founders was too important to abandon.

Though one door closed, another opened. Money from the sale of the property and several large estate gifts formed the foundation for a permanent endowment fund. Interest income from the endowment is used for grants to churches and other 501(c)3 organizations to supplement their funding.

From this unwavering commitment, Life Line continues to serve youths in need more than a century later.

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