Do You Qualify for a Life Line Homes Grant?

We prefer applications that focus on the needs of individual young people rather than large groups, new projects rather than existing programs, and short term funding rather than long term commitments. Grants typically range from a few hundred to two thousand dollars. Larger amounts are sometimes given if the project is very compelling.

crisis intervention

Crisis Intervention

This is the frontline for helping children confront and overcome traumatic life events. Immediate, short-term help prevents tragedies from getting worse.

youth development

Youth Development

Adulthood is not given, it is achieved. If you prepare children for the various challenges that life will throw at them, your contribution cannot be overstated.

educational assistance

Educational Assistance

Learning is full of obstacles and students deserve a path with as few as possible. Financial assistance is key for supporting at-risk youths’ educational needs.

The board carefully considers the following three areas as core criteria for all grant applications:


Our limited funds focus on where the need and impact are the greatest due to stewardship obligations.


We wholeheartedly believe in nurturing excellent leadership potential for the church and community.


We recognize programs that go beyond existing church members and expand into a varied population.

There are several types of projects that we have chosen not to consider:

We do not provide grants for capital projects, large equipment items, salaries for youth pastors, large public rallies, or general operating budgets. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

If you are insterested in being considered for a grant please complete the grant application.

Grant Application

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